Digging into the Knowledge Graph: CMME Authority Control Project

IKOS is proud to join an international consortium of researchers associated with the Digging into the Knowledge Graph (http://di4kg.org/) project, funded as part of Round 4 of the T-AP Digging into Data Challenge (https://diggingintodata.org/awards/2016/project/digging-knowledge-graph).

As music bibliographical consultants, IKOS has joined the consortium to create NACO level authority records for composers and musical works incorporated in the CMME Computerized Mensural Music Editing project (https://www.cmme.org/). Digging into the Knowledge Graph (di4kg) has as one objective to publish the contents of the CMME project as linked open data (LOD). The goal of this part of di4kg is to discover best practices for providing knowledge organization system integration in the LOD Cloud for scholars in the humanities. In order to add value to the linked data, we wish to link each composer and musical work in CMME to the Virtual International Authority File (VIAF)(https://viaf.org/).

The means by which records are added to VIAF, in this case, involves adding curated data via the Library of Congress Name Authority Cooperative (LC-NACO) program. IKOS is proud to work cooperatively with the Collection Services Division of Concordia University Libraries, Montréal, Canada, to facilitate this important work.

Music bibliographical consultant J. Brad Young prepares to upload the first IKOS NACO record.


Conceptual Model for Brazilian Popular Music

Senior Fellow Smiraglia has partnered with Visiting Fellow Fernando William Cruz to construct a conceptual model applicable to the capture and dissemination of Brazilian Popular Music. Aligned with the CIDOC-CRM and the new LRM (Library Reference Model), and making use of FRBRoo with adaptation for the concept of improvised arrangement, the new model is derived from applications research with the Portland Oregon samba ensemble Boco Alegria.

Samba swirls at Boco Alegria rehearsal for Carnaval.

Cruz and Smiraglia discuss conceptual models for popular music.