The second Domain Analysis Clinic—Phenomena of Music for Classification—was held at our Oregon campus November 8-9. 2019.  Participants worked meta-analytically to analyze the classification of music, using non-traditional sources of musical data to identify specifically classifiable phenomena of music that could be used as a facet of the phenomenon-based Basic Concepts Classification (BCC). This work is aligned with the Digging Into the Knowledge Graph ( research project.


Senior Fellow Smiraglia explains music information retrieval user needs as a potential facet (l. to r.: Assoc. Fellow J. Brad Young, Smiraglia, Assoc. Fellows Richard Griscom and Joshua Henry, Prof. Rick Szostak (University of Alberta), Prof. Deborah Lee (City, University of London).
Participants consider potential new facets for a music classification.
Participants engage in meta-analysis.

Products of the clinic include:

  • Technical Report: The Phenomena of Music for Classification, IKOS Technical Reports Series no. 2 (forthcoming).