Acting President, Christine Marchese, PhD—Christine Marchese is an Associate Professor of Business Administration at SUNY Nassau Community College. She holds a doctorate in Information Studies from Long Island University. Her research interests include knowledge creation, knowledge representation, and Cognitive Work Analysis and how they relate in organizational environments.
Secretary, David H. Thomas, PhD—David has a doctorate in library science from the University of Pittsburgh.  He is currently a member of the foreign service community and resides in Chennai, India

Treasurer, Richard Griscom Treasurer, Richard Griscon, MM, MLIS—
Richard Griscom is Associate University Librarian for Departmental Libraries at the University of Pennsylvania, responsible for the oversight of Penn’s nine departmental libraries. He spent three decades as a music librarian at Northwestern University, the University of Louisville, the University of Illinois, and the University of Pennsylvania. Dick is an active musician and has played the recorder in the Penn Baroque and Recorder Ensemble since 2004. He is coauthor of The Recorder: A Research and Information Guide, which won the Music Library Association’s 2014 Duckles Award for the best book-length bibliography or other research tool in music.
Senior Fellow and Executive Director, Richard P. Smiraglia, PhD—Richard P. Smiraglia is author of more than 300 publications in information science and knowledge organization. His work explores ontology extraction and evolution of knowledge in domains, epistemological analysis of the cultural role of authorship, the representation of knowledge in knowledge organization systems, and the phenomenon of instantiation among information objects. He holds a PhD from the University of Chicago. He has been Music Catalog Librarian and the Univ. of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Assistant Professor at the School of Library Service, Columbia University, and is Professor Emeritus of the Palmer School of Library and Information Science, Long Island Univ., and Professor, iSchool at Milwaukee, Univ. of Wisconsin Milwaukee. He was 2018-2019 KNAW Visiting Professor at DANS, The Hague, The Netherlands, where he remains visiting fellow.
Director for Development, Lori Hoeffner—Lori Hoeffner is an Assistant Vice President for Institutional Effectiveness and Strategic Planning in The City University of New York system. She holds a doctorate in Information Studies from Long Island University. Her research interests include the emergence and evolution of knowledge in domains.