The Institute for Knowledge Organization and Structure is a private, not-for-profit, scientific research institute. The goal of the institute is to promote and conduct research in the order and structure of knowledge, including empirical, experimental and quasi-experimental research using domain analytical methods.

The mission of the Institute for Knowledge Organization and Structure is to discover, document, disseminate and generate implementations of the orders and structures of knowledge.

In fulfillment of this mission, IKOS affirms these goals:

  • To use empirical means for knowledge evolution.
  • To empower people with tools for knowledge discovery and use.
  • To contribute to science through publication of research and development of knowledge organization systems.

To this end, IKOS employs a structure of members and fellows to sustain the creation of our research and support of our goals. IKOS Members support the discovery, documentation and general implementation of the orders of knowledge with their annual dues and voluntary donations to IKOS. Fellows are the scholars generating the research to fulfill our mission.

(Adopted by actions of the Board of Directors, 22 February and 19 September 2019.)